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Watch the Finals and the Winners of each Heat

With our championship, this Thursday lets take a look back at the past winners from each heat and the Finals! 

Heat 1


Helpsy, is a complete, one-stop supportive care solution and the world’s first and only AI-based Symptom And Navigation (SAN) nurse. It provides hands on tools to patients and health care professionals to decrease treatment disruptions and to improve the quality of life and outcomes, while streamlining clinician workflow

Rivertown BioSciences-

RiverTown Biosciences, a small biopharmaceutical company in NY has has developed a treatment for Covid-19 lung scarring (aka pulmonary fibrosis).  Based on early data from Covid-19 patients, as well as historical data from the related SARs and MERs outbreaks, we can anticipate that a significant number of people infected with COVID-19 will go on to develop pulmonary fibrosis, a permanent and debilitating disease.  RT1840 was developed as an inhaled treatment, to deliver the small molecule drug directly into the affected lung tissue.  RT1840 treatment reverses the progression of pulmonary fibrosis in models of the disease.  This is a clinical phase asset to meet what is anticipated to be a growing problem in patients surviving Covid-19 infection.

Heat 2


CT Imaging for COVID-19. CT imaging offers a 97% success rate in diagnosing Coronavirus in less than 2 hours. 



HealthMode Cough uses smartphones that most people already have in their pocket to accurately count coughs, one of the three main symptoms of COVID-19. From patient triage to population health surveillance and vaccine trials, the opportunities for HealthMode Cough to help during this pandemic are broad. 

Heat 3


Vetted information and education and support relevant to coping during these difficult times.


The Admetsys system currently automatedly reads blood analytes (glucose, lactate and hematocrit) and those analytes could be expanded to help with COVID-19 specific physiological parameters.

Heat 4

Elemeno health

Elemeno is a cloud-based turn-key solution for COVID frontline readiness, incorporating national standards with facility-specific workflows and practices. Elemeno delivers readily customizable point-of-care training and team-based communication, helping frontline staff stay on top of rapidly changing information and consistently deliver the best care possible. Deploys on any web-enabled device in as little as one day, without need for IT support.

Emanate wireless

Emanate is an Angel backed start-up with deep expertise in IoT and Signal Processing. Emanate builds sensor-based clinical equipment monitoring solutions that enable hospitals to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from year one. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Emanate is working with Cleveland Clinic to create an app that uses sensors in the phone to track Respiratory Rate for at-home COVID-19 patients.

If you want to get in contact with any of the teams please contact


In first place and one of our wild cards Lincoln Advantage Technologies–  

Lincoln is the developer of a patented respirator specifically designed to be worn during a pandemic caused by a respiratory based infectious disease. It is designed to be more effective than the currently used N-95 respirator, military style gas mask (NBC), or PAPR (powered air purifying respirator).Beyond front line medical staff and first responders, the device can be used by workers in the “critical infrastructure” segments of a country’s economy, comprised of health, defense, security, energy, finance, transportation, utilities and government at national, state and local levels. It can also be used to protect larger populations before the availability of a vaccine.

The patented design has been developed with the assistance of the University of Illinois, University of Chicago Hospitals, Radius Product Development, HS Design, and Argonne National Laboratory among others. Lincoln’s design has been favorably reviewed by the DHS, HHS, DOD, and other agencies. Lincoln currently has fully functional, tested prototypes  (TRL 4) and is engaged in further development of the device. The mask requires both FDA and NIOSH approval and is approximately 8-12 months from market

Second place goes to Admetsys– 

The Admetsys system currently automatedly reads blood analytes (glucose, lactate and hematocrit) and those analytes could be expanded to help with COVID-19 specific physiological parameters.

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