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MedMo Heat 4 of War on COVID Teams and Winners

The last few weeks have been amazing with 40 outstanding teams presenting their innovations. Thank you to all the judges, startups and attendees for participating.

Track Virus

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, Track Virus has created “Waze for infectious diseases”, a platform composed of an app and a set of web services designed to track and slow the spread of infectious diseases by providing a real-time assessment of the likelihood of any individual being contagious, empowering individuals, governments, and businesses to accelerate recovery in a risk-managed manner. The platform already experienced bottom-up demand, and top-down support by United Hatzalah, and has been adopted by well-over 100,000 people. By leveraging all users’ location histories, self-reporting, and available and derived epidemiological data, the platform determines the risk of any individual being infected and informs individuals, policymakers, and businesses – in real-time – in a privacy-preserving manner.



Jeeva is a seed-stage venture-backed startup on a mission to develop AI-driven decentralized clinical trials and optimize patient-focused clinical research. The Jeeva Trials solution reduces patient travel burden by replacing in-person trial site visits with videoconferencing, remote monitoring and digital engagement. Jeeva is particularly beneficial for both rare disorders and clinical research studies involving long-term follow-ups and safety monitoring. Jeeva is a member of several life science membership organizations including Virginia BIO, BioHealth Capital Region, and the Global Genes Corporate Alliance.

Follow us on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter pages @jeevatrials. Website:

Faster than Corona

An international and independent network, think tank, incubator and catalyst for innovation in health-care, life sciences and medicine. Their mission is to collaboratively challenge and passionately push the limits of current thinking.



Eloquence is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative and simple communication solutions. Our two products, Eloquence Advanced Communication System (ACS) and Eloquence Language Access Solution (LAS) enable fast, accurate communication between the patient and the provider best qualified to give the care that’s needed.



Emanate is an Angel backed start-up with deep expertise in IoT and Signal Processing. Emanate builds sensor-based clinical equipment monitoring solutions that enable hospitals to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from year one. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Emanate is working with Cleveland Clinic to create an app that uses sensors in the phone to track Respiratory Rate for at-home COVID-19 patients.


Hawkeye MedTech

Hawkeye MedTech’s TotalCare™ software platform provides virtually scheduled visits to the patient’s current healthcare providers from the place of their convenience. It’s just like an office visit, just done virtually!



TruTriage enables 911 systems to handle non-emergency medical calls by utilizing telehealth nurses to bring a Virtual ER to the caller. This reduces ambulance demand for non-priority emergencies while maintaining a high level of safety and care. We provide nurse triage software with a data connection to 911 call centers and nurses to enable 911 Nurse Triage Services. Our program reduces the high costs and inefficiency of traditional nurse triage.



Elemeno is a cloud-based turn-key solution for COVID frontline readiness, incorporating national standards with facility-specific workflows and practices. Elemeno delivers readily customizable point-of-care training and team-based communication, helping frontline staff stay on top of rapidly changing information and consistently deliver the best care possible. Deploys on any web-enabled device in as little as one day, without need for IT support.



KnowRx digital health solution originated as a personalized medication management platform for use by individual consumers/patients and trusted health professionals/caregivers to maintain mutually beneficial communications without workflow disruptions in the medical practice. The platform supports physician selection of the right medicine for the patient and supports patient adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen. This includes tools for overcoming barriers to adherence such as up-to-date pricing information, scheduled reminders, performance incentives, and patient assistance partnerships. It also links to pharmacogenomics testing resources to assist physicians in precision selection of effective therapies that mitigate risks of adverse events – another contributor to non-adherence.



Docity is a subscription-based telehealth solution that bundles access to local healthcare providers through partnerships with Internet Service Providers and broadband companies.


The Winning Teams

The crowd favorite @TrackVirusApp

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