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WarOnCOVID Pitch Contest – All the Teams

                                        COVID Might have changed the location but it won’t stop our Crowd of Amazing Innovators!

All 41 of the companies that pitched in our #WarOnCovid Virtual challenge. If you would want to get a hold of any of them please reach out to us!

Apothēka– Integrates with Electronic Medical Records Systems plus clinical applications and transforms them into secure Blockchain ecosystems to facilitate security, data integrity, and interoperability. Website

Navimize– uses proprietary algorithms to eliminate patient wait times. Our cutting-edge software puts you in control of your schedule, without requiring you to lift a finger. The platform seamlessly tracks and predicts delays, then it sends real-time alerts to notify patients. Website

Element3 – Element3 Health’s vibrant network of clubs, associations and benefits attracts and retains members and extends their prime of life. website

Hygeia- A medical station in offices where doctors can provide services outside of their normal hours. In the station, the doctor can check Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry, BMI (Height & Weight), Body Temperature, Dermascope, Otoscope, Stethoscope

Think BioSolutions – Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platforms include a Bluetooth enabled FDA 510(k) cleared pulse oximeter, App, HIPAA compliant cloud, dashboard, analytics, and REST APIs for integration. We also help partners identify and monitor KPIs to measure the impact of RPM on their business. Website

MircoX– A blood test to check for COVID-19 in 7 minutes 

Teicos – produces nano-encapsulated inhalable dry powder  formulations to  deliver drugs to the deep lung. We wish to apply this technology to deliver therapeutic salt to cheaply and effectively treat the leading cause of death from COVID-19: Pneunomea. Website

Healthnote – Health Note is a platform that screens, collects, documents, & triages patient data before an encounter. They work with top hospitals and clinics around the country and are now using their platform to help front-line health care providers fight COVID-19. Website

Epigene Channel -develop Vanadium based metalloorganic compounds which can restore and preserve human genome form adversity like RNA viruses. 

Thera -is fighting COVID-19 by providing remote access counseling services through our fully integrated.  tele psych mobile app and HIPAA Compliant Virtual Reality app. Website

Guardian Robotics -We have designed a Sterilized Telepresence Robot system, which helps doctors treat patients without risk. 

New Era Healthcare -providing physician house call services that provides patients with the right care at the right time in their home, place of residence, and/or wherever their point of care and need is. Website

Safe Health -Digital Healthcare Company initially focused on Sexual Health.Uniquely positioned for COVID-19 testing & verification. Lets people privately show their verified STD test and COViD-19 status on their phone, and makes it super easy to get. Website

Alertgy -Real-time on-demand blood glucose monitoring in the convince of a wrist band.   Website

Replete Health -a doctor and patient-accessible platform that includes direct messaging, virtual triage and appointment scheduling, and broadcast messaging to whole patient populations, has launched new telehealth services. Website

Andaman 7 -Andaman7 is a mobile app for data exchange and web based dashboard for risk stratification and management. Website

Monfort – Using AI and Big Data analytics, we extract standard medical outcomes that are delivered back to the physician through an accessible web portal, providing accessible, quantitative and actionable insights

Bridgit -We are convening a project to build an interactive knowledge map for the online COVID19 information ecology that will help researchers, agencies, policy-makers, and journalists connect around common interests, make sense of the available information, collaborate, and learn together. Website

Open Health Network -Open Health Network has rapidly built and deployed a COVID-19 symptom tracker to find cases that may be un-tested but symptomatic, track and securely share symptom data, and to enable pre-visit symptoms check and escalation, as well as post-visit long-term followup.Website

Tarmian Health -Tamarin’s tools and care management network allow Caregivers to provide scalable, collaborative remote care for their patients, preventing adverse outcomes and keeping patients at home. Website

Symptomme -We are two enthusiasts who are shocked and terrified by the pace of covid-19 distribution around the world. We decided to make a simple application to track COVID19 symptoms, and now we are aiming at a much bigger product to help people. Website

MedAdvisor – The safety profile of our partner’s Stem Cell Therapy is strong and is used currently for other medical conditions. This treatment can be repurposed for COVID-19 as it shows minor side effects like fatigue or headache and not adverse side effects.

Track Virus -In light of COVID-19 pandemic, Track Virus has created “Waze for infectious diseases”, a platform composed of an app and a set of web services designed to track and slow the spread of infectious diseases by providing a real-time assessment of the likelihood of any individual being contagious, empowering individuals, governments, and businesses to accelerate recovery in a risk-managed manner. Website

Jeeva -Jeeva is a seed-stage venture-backed startup on a mission to develop AI-driven decentralized clinical trials and optimize patient-focused clinical research. 

Fasterthancorona -An international and independent network, think tank, incubator and catalyst for innovation in health-care, life sciences and medicine. Website

Eloquence -is a healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the delivery of care through the development of innovative and simple communication solutions. Website

Hawkeye -Hawkeye MedTech’s TotalCare™ software platform provides virtually scheduled visits to the patient’s current healthcare providers from the place of their convenience. Website

Trutriage -TruTriage enables 911 systems to handle non-emergency medical calls by utilizing telehealth nurses to bring a Virtual ER to the caller. Website

knowRx -digital health solution originated as a personalized medication management platform for use by individual consumers/patients and trusted health professionals/caregivers to maintain mutually beneficial communications without workflow disruptions in the medical practice. Website

Docity -Docity is a subscription-based telehealth solution that bundles access to local healthcare providers through partnerships with Internet Service Providers and broadband companies. Website

Rivertown BioScience – have developed RT1840, patent-protected, inhaled therapeutic that prevents/reverses scarring in a model of pulmonary fibrosis. Website

Face to Face Health -Vetted information and education and support relevant to coping during these difficult times. Website

Helpsy -Powered by AI, Helpsy’s virtual nurse creates a custom whole-health care plan (physical, emotional, social and support services) and engages the patient 24/7 by monitoring symptoms, answering questions and escalating care as needed. Website

Emanate wireless –  Emanate builds sensor-based clinical equipment monitoring solutions that enable hospitals to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from year one. Website

PhenoMx -image processing platform helps screen & triage suspected cases from the time of onset of symptoms to the reporting of results from PCT testing, limiting the exposure and transmission to other people.  Website

Healthmode– have developed and tested automated cough counting machine learning model on publicly available data demonstrating sensitivity of 90.0% at 99.5% specificity and the app is currently deployed in a clinical study at two Central European trial sites. Website

Admetsys -The Admetsys system currently automatedly reads blood analytes (glucose, lactate, and hematocrit) and those analytes could be expanded to help with COVID-19 specific physiological parameters. Website

Elemeno -Elemeno is a cloud-based turn-key solution for COVID frontline readiness, incorporating national standards with facility-specific workflows and practices. Website

Lincoln Advanced Technologies– Lincoln is the developer of a patented respirator specifically designed to be worn during a pandemic caused by a respiratory based infectious disease. Website

Hubspring health  –  have already deployed the COVID Hub to our current clients – they use this Hub as a mission-critical resource. Website


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