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Get On Stage at

AC⚡VC 🔥 Highway to HLTH 

Las Vegas is the next stop on our MedStartr Momentum (#MedMo) World Tour where we run contests to find the best startups to put on stage and ask the crowd to help us decide who wins. Las Vegas is all about gambling, but when we put our money on the table for our next investments, we count the cards as a team and our Team is the BEST.  Why? Because it includes over 150,000 people like you and organizations like HLTH, the AMA, and now our portfolio company leaders from Valera Health, Direct Shifts, Mymee, YourCoach, Birya Biotech, Offscrip Health, Care+Wear, and more who get involved and tell us what they think about the teams in our contests.  And then that same crowd of amazing people very often includes the startups' next big customers, investors, team members, and partners, Accelerating Crowd⚡Validated Companies 🚀 

What Can You Win?

  • Customers: Being on our stages, which are typically the most well-attended at any conference and livestreamed to often larger audiences, is your first benefit.  Insightful questions from our incredible panel of judges will give you the chance to impress the hell out of people looking for innovations like yours.  We will pitch coach you significantly before and you WILL get things happening afterward.  Honestly, this is the biggest prize for any startup since the terms on a Bill of Sale are far better than from a VC typically.

  • Investment and / or Acceleration: We will be handing out stacks of cash of at least $25,000 as an investment to at least one of the winners on stage and accepting at least two into our next accelerator class. 

  • 1 Free Ticket to the Conference: Startups chosen will be given one (1) free ticket to attend the conference if they have not yet registered. 

  • Up to three (3) hours of world-class pitch and strategic coaching from our team before you get on stage.

  • Tons of Promotion before, during and after the event.  

What does that investment look like? 

Before you get on stage you will be presented with a customized offer based on the stage of your company and our confidence in you, this may go up or down depending on how you do on stage.  Worst case scenario, it is a SAFE note at whatever your last or current round was at.  Best Case you are fully accepted into our WInter 2022 Accelerator class and will receive much more than a little cash. 

This is your big chance.  The Deadline is Nov 5th, so don't delay, Apply today! 

Want to attend the event?  Use the code "h22_medstartr" for $150 Off 

Watch Live and Play the Home Game

Can't make it to Vegas, that's ok.  You can watch all the action on MedStartr.TV as always.  We also ask that you help judge by using our online form, a link for which will be in the livestream feed or here when it is live.

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What is hlth.

HLTH (pronounced “health”) is the leading platform bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. After running a great pitch contest at their new ViVE event in Miami in March we were invited to the main event in Vegas where there will be over 10,000 attendees. We have the Startup Stage at the end of day one and we have a really great show planned called AC⚡VC  which isn't just a cheesy rip-off of one of our favorite bands (well, it is that too) but stands for Accelerating Crowd-Validated Companies - which is exactly what MedStartr does.  How do we Crowd-Validate?  With online contests and running great shows that attract as many healthcare people as possible and then ask for their opinions on the teams.  Then we invest in the winners and help them grow fast. Check out the portfolio companies here

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