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MedMo world tour 

After two years of running over 800 online events and 50 pitch contests, in 2022 we have returned to our World Tour events IRL!  We loved doing so many shows and expanding our community with 20,000 new members all over the world, but now it is time to go visit, find the best new ideas, and invest and accelerate them!

CITIES: Our 2022 tour included six cities so far and will be in Vegas and NYC in the last quarter.  2023 is in planning, so if you want to bring the tour to you and your healthcare innovation community anywhere in the world, let's talk.  Please use the button below for that.

STARTUPS: If you want to become the next MedStartr Portfolio company, get in our next Accelerator Class and grow fast like these amazing companies, apply to get on stage at our next event listed below.  

PARTNERS: We also run targeted contests for Associations, Governments, Corporations and Hospitals that are looking for the best new ideas ready to scale based on Crowd-Validation - when a large group of patients, doctors, nurses, care providers of all kinds, hospital staff and leaders, and partners tell us what they really think about the company and their innovative ideas.  We find that this feedback, along with a ton of other data we collect, provides predictive data on startup success with p values <. 05 (that's geek talk for 20x better than without said data.)

Come here to see where we will be next, sponsor a contest, or apply to get on stage.

THIS REVOLUTION IS TELEVISED:  If you can't make our events in person, make sure to watch our livestreams at Medstartr.TV and videos from our past events.  You can also judge from anywhere with our online forms, included in the livestream pages. 

Be sure also to check out, our crowdfunding platform for healthcare innovations where we run crowd-validation and funding contests when our funds and big sponsors get behind a challenge. 

To be considered for a fund investment and/or our Accelerator, please apply to one of the ongoing challenges, by starting your project on or just apply to pitch at one of our events.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call 530.MED.STAR or email Good luck!

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