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We got into this game to change healthcare for everyone, a desire we share deeply with all our portfolio companies. Our entrepreneurs work constantly to make this happen, and we are, in-turn, driven to provide advantages their competition cannot match. Contact us for additional info or follow-on investment interests in any of these.

Current Investments

Safe Health.png

Vertically integrated healthcare company initially focused on sexual health, SAFE.LY allows people to verify STD status on their phone, and get tested without seeing a doctor.

Secure, interoperable prehospital communication and triage platform that empowers first responders to share real-time patient data with hospitals. 

Patient - centric designs for specialty use case. PICC Line Covers, Chest Port Covers, Patient Gowns that reduce infections, and inflammation, combining fashion and utility.

Valera Health empowers healthcare organizations to scale human-centered care and behavioral healthcare management.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 9.55_edited.png

Birya Biotech takes expired EpiPens and refills them with fresh epinephrine using their patent-pending EpiFills system.

DirectShifts Capture.PNG

DirectShifts is an online marketplace that connects clinicians directly to employers for short term staffing needs (locum tenens) bypassing the need for external recruiters.

A SaaS platform that provides patients and providers with better tools to track and understand the non-obvious lifestyle triggers that impact disease symptoms.


Medical device company that has developed the first, truly non-invasive blood-glucose monitor, using advanced materials and sensor technology.


YourCoach Health is a virtual home for all things health and wellness coaching, championing the health coaching revolution across the globe.

OffScrip Health is the first audio broadcasting company focused solely on consumer health and patient engagement.

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