We are bringing crowd validation to venture capital

At MedStartr, we have a better way to source, select, and grow healthcare startups based upon validation by crowds – a large base of healthcare stakeholders (Patients, doctors, partners, institutional leaders, and investors). We are now leveraging this opportunity to deliver industry-leading returns with MedStartr’s first Venture Fund MVF1.


What started with running events for healthcare innovators in 2008, developed into the world’s largest such community, while also helping start a network of such communities around the world in over 100 cities.  MedStartr also runs corporate-sponsored startup pitch challenges, helping some of the largest medical organizations find the right teams to work with. MedStartr is now the leading crowdfunding platform for health and medical innovations. We found that our events and the platform act as a great deal-funnel and diligence tool, essentially everything that a VC does, but with potentially much greater returns. So we created the MVF1 to invest in these opportunities.


We combine the joie-de-vivre of a first-time fund, with the performance of a veteran fund using data from our industry-leading healthcare crowdfunding platform. This will put us squarely in the top-quartile funds, right there with the big boys. It’s a mix of energy and expertise that is hard to find but the key to success in these paradigm-shifting times within healthcare.

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