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We bring the wisdom of healthcare crowds to VC

At MedStartr, we found a better way to source, select, and grow healthcare investments based upon validation by our massive healthcare crowd. When patients, doctors, partners, institutional leaders, and investors get behind an idea in one of our contests, that company is over 20 times more likely to be successful. Since 2017 we have been investing in the winners and are now proud to have been delivering industry-leading growth for three years running.

Our Origin Story

We started running events for a rag-tag band of healthcare innovation enthusiasts in NYC way back 2008. The events were so popular that a community developed around them, quickly becoming the world’s largest such community and then inspired the growth of such communities around the world in over 200 cities. In 2010 we started running startup pitch contests for the community, usually sponsored by the leading companies and institutions in healthcare. In 2012 we opened up, which quickly became the leading crowdfunding site for healthcare innovations.  We also began designing and running large Open Innovation programs for large companies, associations, cities, countries, and institutions.  The goal of such programs varied from increasing the healthcare sector in an area or country to helping some of the largest medical organizations find the right teams to work with.


In 2015, after analyzing the results of three years of running such programs and contests, we found that they act as a great deal-funnel and due diligence tool.  So we learned how to run a fund and opened our first MedStartr Venture Fund to invest in the winners of our contests. In 2019, after a solid early track record, we were able to attract 17 more investors and opened MVF II which has also performed at industry-leading levels.

What's Next

Of course, past results are not a predictor of future performance, but our novel big data approach is crushing it so far, converting what is generally considered a black art of selecting great investments to a science.  We simply have more data and know how to analyze it.  Better data makes for better investing.

MVF II is open to investments, please reach out if you are an interested accredited investor.

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