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We were healthcare leaders first, much before we were VCs

We built MedStartr to help fund innovations, and very quickly realized that crowds are awesome! When you listen to the right crowd, you see real value. And when crowds get behind a company, the success is not only certain, but it is imminent! Based on this, we created the MedStartr Venture Fund to specifically invest in companies backed by the healthcare crowd.


MVF2 invests between $100k-$1M in early stage startups. We are able to generate great value for our investors on the back of our acceleration model which provides valuable services to companies besides our cash investment. 



• Unique Fund Strategy – The fund invests in companies coming through MedStartr’s online platform, or through one of the challenges that MedStartr has run for its sponsors. The challenges use a variety of metrics from the Platform to decide what startups will get on stage at any Challenge. The winners of these challenges are then taken through a traditional investment diligence process to select the best of the best investment opportunities



• Deal sourcing capabilities. We attract over 1000  pre-revenue companies every year. Our market standing, the crowd-challenge model, and the acceleration services with up to $250k in in-kind support are of great value to the startups, and help attract some of the best opportunities. The MedStartr Ecosystem brings a lot more to a startup than what a traditional VC firm can bring, helping us get in the best deals.



• Competitive advantage - Our platform and people help select the best of the startups. We find that the companies selected by the crowds and our AI metrics grow rapidly, attracting more investment, big customers, key-partnerships, and in some cases, even get acquired in a short time frame.

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