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Zero to Success in less.

MVF is more than just the capital. Every day, we draw on our expertise - years of investing, IPOs and exits, our personal experience building successful companies and our global network of mentors and advisors. By deploying all of our huge online network – from helping find the best talent and advisors, to refining business plans and financials, to getting additional follow-on funding through our healthcare specific crowd and crowd-equity offerings – we create an unfair winning advantage for every company in our portfolio. Well, unfair or not, we sure are proud of it.



Our portfolio companies benefit from the Ecosystem we have created over the last 8 years. The MedStartr Acceleration Program (MAP) is a mix of events, mentors, experts, challenges, partners, packaging, promotion, and optimization services, and overall model that maximizes the chances of success for ideas in healthcare. It works fantastically!



As part of MAP, our portfolio companies have the access to a wide array of benefits - valuable media and industry coverage, an engaged community for advice and mentorship, and access to physician leaders and KOLs at healthcare systems, payers and policy-makers for pilots and clinical studies. Plus they can fill out their existing and future rounds by utilizing MedStartr’s CrowdEquity platform, have an energetic place to grow and network at MedStartr Labs and build their own communities using our social and community development tools. 

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