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The Winners Of MEDMO MIAMI

All The Teams

The Medstartr team had a great time in the sunny city of Miami! They have a growing health tech scene in Flordia that you should keep your eye on. 7 Great teams pitched their ideas to our judges.

The Crowd Pick- Glamo, the uber of haircuts. Using their services you can have a hairstylist/barber at your house in less than 1 hour! They might not seem health-related but they looking to get into nursing homes and hospitals, to offer services to people who can’t get to the salon. Feel Well, Heal Well.

2nd Place- Medifies, offering an app that physicians can use to update the patient’s family or friends on their status. Think how nice it would be if a family member who lived across the country was going in for surgery and as soon as it finished the doctor can let you know on the app it was successful!

Our Champion – Verapy, They bring VR to pediatric physical therapy clinics and hospitals. Offering fun games that with a range of motion and balance, plus much more. The patients who have used shown to be willing to participate, and less likely to skip an appointment.

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