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The Winners Of Heat 2 In TheWar On COVID Contest And The Announcement Of Heat 3

Last Week Winners

1st Place -PhenoMx– CT Imaging for COVID-19. CT imaging offers a 97% success rate in diagnosing Coronavirus in less than 2 hours. 

2nd place -Healthmode – HealthMode Cough uses smartphones that most people already have in their pocket to accurately count coughs, one of the three main symptoms of COVID-19. From patient triage to population health surveillance and vaccine trials, the opportunities for HealthMode Cough to help during this pandemic are broad.

Crowd Favorite-HealthNote – Health Note is a platform that screens, collects, documents, & triages patient data before an encounter. They work with top hospitals and clinics around the country and are now using their platform to help front-line health care providers fight COVID-19. 

Heat 3 Of #WarOnCOVID

As we wrap up our halfway point in the WarOnCOVID showcase, the disease continues to spread and deaths are exponentially growing. Hopefully, we see the curve starts to flatten as the weeks go by, but our mission is more clear than ever. Helping startups to get their innovation in front as many people as possible.  That is where you come in, the more eyes we have on the startups the better chance that these startups can get the traction they need to bring their ideas to fruition.  

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