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The War On COVID Crowd Challenge is On!

MedStartr’s 39th crowd challenge has just begun! This time our challenge is focused on COVID innovations, its been 3 months since the U.S. started lockdown and we have states coming out saying we could be in lockdown for 3 more months with the second wave of COVID cases on the horizon. We need visionaries to come in and share their solution to the public.  We are all in this together, even if you don’t have a startup that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Support the startup that you think will have the greatest success, this doesn’t have to be financial backing. It could simply be liking the project or even sharing them on social media. The Project with the most interest score will win the competition!

Product Page

After the competition ends online MedStartr brings the best teams to a virtual pitch contest. Here they will have 5 minutes to pitch their ideas live to our judges and to the viewers. The judges have 5 minutes to ask questions, but MedStartr wants this to be as interactive as possible so we will be taking crowd questions as well.  Register to watch the Finals Pitch Contest!

Why Use MedStartr TO Promote Your Startup

MedStartr’s challenges are the perfect place to show off your startup, now you might be asking yourself why is MedStartr the right place for me to promote my startup or project instead of Kickstarter? 1st MedStartr is entirely focused on healthcare products, sites like Kickstarter often shy away from the medical field. Unlike Kickstarter or other crowdfunding websites we don’t just focus on raising money. MedStartr has many options for people to connect with your startups, there are options to partner, and pilot with your product.

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