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COVID 19 Challenge is ON

COVID-19 is running rampant throughout the world, and we need your help to fight it. Innovators, Experts, and Emergency Response leaders, procurement specialists and more are answering the call by inventing, searching, and using new ideas every day.  As a health innovation challenge and connection platform, we are doing our best helping connect all of you together 4 ways: 1. Newsletter / Blog Innovation Listings– See below for a listing of some ideas we have vetted. To be included please email us here.

2. Virtual Events – We ran three last week with over 1,200 attendees from at least 15 countries and have set up COVID Challenges WEEKLY for all of April.  Here is who Won Heat 1 – check them out!

#WarOnCOVID CHallenge HEAT 1 Winners 1st- Helpsy Health  – AI / Virtual Nurses  2nd- Rivertown BioScience  – Drug candidate to repair pulmonary damage due to COVID-19 The Crowd Favorite-  – Everything about COVID we know to date with references! To Attend please click here.

3. SHOWCASE On – Applications are being put into showcases on our crowdfunding platform – going live on 4/2.  Get your innovation listed by going to, logging in with Linkedin and click START in the menu.  Don’t forget to choose COVID-19 as the primary category!

4. Livestreams and Videos – We recorded and livestream all our events – including the Heats of the COVID-19 CHallenges. See them all on our Youtube channel and at COVID INNOVATION Showcase

Check Out Some of the amazing COVID Innovations we have heard about so far!

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