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The Big Finish: Top Ten Things You Should Do When Your Crowdfunding Campaign is Coming to a Close

A Big Finish to a campaign can add that last 70% of your funding, especially if you have already achieved significant traction.  You now have critical mass and you are ready for a nice big finish that is the sweet spot for most successful campaigns. Finishing off your campaign strong can only lead to great new beginnings in your pursuits.

Here is what we suggest:

1.      Thank Publicly: Appreciate people through Facebook and Twitter graciously, with no ask.  Everyone that sees you do this will think, “Hey, that was beautiful, maybe I should help her dream come true, too.”

2.      Be Chatty: Try to start conversations around the topic.  You can insert an image into the thank you, or a slogan, or link to an important article, etc.

3.      Thank & Ask Privately: Reach out and thank all your backers.  Ask them to spread the word too – or better yet, if they have anyone they suggest you should ask to spread the word to (see next one).

4.      Create your Own Press Frenzy: Talk to 20 bloggers and newspaper types.  Send us a little blurb and we will pass it on to our friends in the press as well.

5.      Get on TV: Call your local TV station too and see if they will take time to present your success.  Nothing begets success like success, strut what you have done already!

6.      Look for Waves: Just like a good surfer, watch the horizon for opportunities.  MedStartr and your fellow Project Makers make waves, too, like articles in major publications and press releases.  We always have major stuff coming up in the pipeline, so be prepared to stay the course or ready to extend as needed.  Also consider holidays or other occasions that work well with your project.

7.      Optimized Repeating: Do Everything that worked again.  It will work better at the end as people see you have garnered significant support.

8.      Innovate: Make a new reward that optimizes what people have been looking for.

9.      Climb the Ladder: Reach out to potential higher level backers, the Providers and Partner rewards are far more likely to be backed when they can see you have generated good support.  Use your best lines again, keep asking.  Consider a Phase 2 campaign if there is more you would like to do.

10.   Show Progress: Do Updates and show progress using the site & send to all.

The end is just as important as the beginning. Finish strong! It is never too late to ask or give thanks to people, and it is never to late to contact new influencers, or publish new material. Push yourself over the finish line to success!

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