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Submission Deadline Extended for AHA Challenge

Thank you for the overwhelming positive response to the first ever New York City American Heart Association Open Innovation Challenge! An amazing group of ideas have been crowdsourced on MedStartr already, but a number of you had problems with your submissions due to cancelled flights, work and city closures, and Internet connectivity issues. 

At MedStartr, we are dedicated to helping the American Heart Association reach its 2020 goal: to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20 percent.

We appreciate that yesterday was the coldest day in 118 years in New York City and the problems it caused for many of you: our entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, nurses and healthcare innovators that make Open Innovation Challenges successful.

If your entry was delayed due to the winter conditions, please finish your application and submit it on the Open Innovation Challenge website. You have until Noon on Thursday, January 9th to submit your project. Good luck!

Thank you to our friends and promotional partners that have made the first phase of the challenge a huge success. In particular, MedCity News, Health 2.0, Maria Bartiromo, Poppy Harlow, Startup Health, New York eHealth Collaborative, NYCEDC, and of course, the New York American Heart Association, @FoundersHeart. Also worthy of appreciation is the amazing panel of judges: Maria Gotsch, Bert Navarrete, Amanda Parsons, MD MBA, Cheryl Pegus, MD MPH and Ed WIse.

And we cannot forget a few of our MedStartr friends who have helped so far: Sherry Reynolds, Dr. C. Micheal Gibson, Lava Kafle, Regina HollidayJoseph Kvedar, MDColin HungMatthew BrowningArt BaronSteve Springer, MDPolar Green LLC and Jean-Luc Neptune, MD MBA to name just a few!

How Many Tweets by Whom:

@H2NYC (15)

And how far they traveled:

@MedStartr (137,900)

@MariaBartiromo (104,163)

@CMichaelGibson (59,158)

@alexbfair (23,310)

@foundersheart (22,838)

@health2con (19,553)

@PoppyHarlowCNN (16,121)

@H2NYC (13,800)

@polargreenllc (13,050)

Thanks to all our friends on Linkedintwitter and Facebook for passing on the message.  Keep following the latest news about the Health Sciences Innovation • Invest Forum and on the official twitter account.  You can also follow all the action on twitter with the Hashtag #Hi2Forum.  Here is what it looked like this morning, thanks to our friends at Symplur.

symplur analytics for #Hi2Forum

Stay tuned for Phase II starting on January 21st where YOU will get to donate and support your favorite projects!

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