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Preparing for Success

I am a scientist at heart. The scientific method and I have had a great relationship, so when a scientist like Louis Pasteur says:


I tend to listen.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Preparing yourself and your project for crowdfunding will create a formidable foundation for your success, just like having a chair with four legs will keep you sitting, rather than a chair with three legs spilling you to the floor.

Crowdfunding preparation includes finding and knowing your crowd, and developing your story and communication plan for them. Your story will be the draw for the crowd, and will be what the crowd funds. So, presenting this story to the crowd is critial. And, there are oh so many ways to present the story. Let me name just a few:

1. A Blog – The blog is you. There are no word number restrictions, no topic constraints, just you and your story.

2. Twitter – A 140 word limit can be fun, and it can be a pain. But, Twitter is quick and can pack a punch. Don’t @ and # to too much 🙂 Make sure you tweet with the Hashtags #HCCF and include @MedStartr or my handle @EatDrinkTrain and we will amplify your message for massive attention.

3. Facebook – Think social, fun, colorful, interesting. Get people involved and make them feel a part of the crowd. Believe it or not, facebook is the second most common source of traffic on MedStartr, so your presence and engagement there is important.  We are not saying that you should be playing Farmville, you should look for groups like the Partnership With Patients and join the conversation, expanding it to your growing network.

4. LinkedIn – People want to know you and your experience, your professional side. People love a good story, and they want to make sure you can deliver on your story so they will check you out there. Additionally, use the linked in buttons below your video for some really neat features that let you post to all your linked in groups. We actually did a whole post on Linkedin marketing for your project here.  Hey, want to know me, here’s my Linked in Profile and the one for MedStartr.

5. Pinterest – Pictures and more pictures. Colorful, bright, engaging. Check out our Pinterest page – this is why Pinterest is so popular.  It is super easy to make you look great!


People are looking to you to be the expert in your area. Your social media presence tells your story and can engage, enlighten, and emotionally pull the crowd into your story.  Do Engage your audience. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions – What do you think about…? How do you see this…? When do you think…? Pull your audience in and keep them excited for what is to come.

Do that and build your personal story and brand online and you will be on your way to crowdfunding success!

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