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MedStartr School: How to drive everyone to your project: Get emBedded!

Crowdfunding isn’t something you learned in your school days, so we are starting our own Crowdfunding Academy, a MedStartr School.  Within this coursework you will learn all the methods that work and can even teach the class after 45 days and a successful project.  We are learning everyday ourselves, so post suggestions if you have ‘em!

Here is one of the best:  One in five of us have a blog or other website these days.  What if you could put your MedStartr project everywhere and anywhere?  Well, I am here to tell you that you can!

Simply go to your project, click on the “embed” link just below the video and get the code. Pick which style you like best, card style like we have here, or payable video style like you see below.

Then go to your blog or what have you and paste in the code.  It is that easy.  The example at the left and below are what it could look like. Even better than your own log, ask your friends and local newspaper to do the same, or even the foundation that supports research for your activities. In March of 2013 ebedded a project and sent over 67,000 visits to the project! Impressive and very good for the projects on MedStartr!

So ask all your friends, partners, and supporters to please back your project.  If they really love you, they will EmBed you! 

Here is the second version, it is a little wider, with different info presented:

Both work beautifully on your site and on ours.  We hope that helps drive your project faster and further than ever!  Stay tuned for the step by step compendium and day by day plan of how to promote your project we are publishing next week!

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