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MedStartr Announces Winners of MedMo17 – its annual Healthcare Pitch Contest

New York City – December 7, 2017 –  MedStartr, Inc. the healthcare-only crowdfunding and investment platform today announced the winners of MedMo17 Crowd Challenge held at MedStartr Momentum 2017, its annual two-day conference in New York. More than 100 different startups competed throughout the year for cash, investments and in-kind prizes totaling up to $2M, with Valisure, Alertgy, eCaring and Xycrobe taking the top honors in their respective categories. All the winners will be further reviewed for investment from MedStartr’s first Venture Fund.

The list of winners for the four main segments is as follows:

Valisure – a startup that provides precision analytical services to deliver fast, accurate and affordable results for high value processes in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biotechnology fields (Pop Health and PharmaTech)

Alertgy – a diabetes device startup that aims to provide better blood glucose management through nonintrusive monitoring for diabetics using a smartphone app, a wristband and a patch (Wearables and Medical Devices)

eCaring – a cloud-based system that integrates behavioral, clinical and medication adherence data to manage and monitor seniors, and those with chronic conditions, at home to prevent hospital admissions (Clinical Innovations and Hospital Tech)

Xycrobe – an innovative startup addressing inflammatory skin disease through the development of good recombinant bacteria strains to solve skin issues like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis (Killer Apps for Healthy Living)

The conference also awarded two other prizes. MedAux, a patient education and messaging platform, won the Crowd Choice Award, and Check with Ellie, a virtual breastfeeding assistant for new moms, won the Momentum Acceleration Prize, a new category this year for the team that is moving the fastest.

“This is the third year of the contest, and we are thrilled to see the growing excitement for MedStartr’s crowd-challenge model, from both the startups and from everyone within the healthcare community”, said Alex Fair, CEO of MedStartr and Partner at MedStartr Venture Fund. “We are seeing a lot of great innovations in healthcare and this model helps us identify the best-of-the-best, so that they can be brought to market faster and more efficiently.”

The participants for MedMo include winners of the various pitch contests and crowd-challenges that MedStartr runs throughout the year for its partners, and top contestants from MedStartr’s online platform in the run-up to the event. Winners are then identified based on a mix of the crowd-interest and traction scores from the platform, and expert judging from a panel of industry leaders that include investors, patient advocates, channel partners and other key stakeholders within the industry.

This year’s participants included winners from AMIA PitchIT (FHIR_HIEdrant, Alertgy, StoryCare), StartUp SD Challenge (Cellanyx, GlyconMedics, Xycrobe), HFS Vegas (HealthKOS, Kinaptic), Pop Health 2017 (UniteUs), NENYHIS Challenge (IPNcare, UniteUs), and Rise of the Healthy Machines (Haystack) amongst others.

About MedStartr

MedStartr is the leading crowdfunding platform for medical breakthroughs, helping them go from Idea to IPO by connecting with patients, providers, partners, institutions and investors that care about improving healthcare.  MedStartr creates massively engaging experiences to crowd source, market validate, and fund the best new ideas in healthcare. Since launching on July 4th, 2012, MedStartr clients have raised over 500M in investor capital, started hundreds of pilots and partnerships, and begun to help millions live longer, better lives.  For more information about MedStartr please visit

Media Contact

Company Name: MedStartr Inc.

Contact Person: Sharad Mishra

Phone: +1 434 249 2774


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