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Making the Rock Health Year in Review

[slideshare id=29616276&doc=rockhealthrockreport2013yearinreview-140101180712-phpapp02]

We are proud and happy to make it into the year in review here on page 14.  The real story is in what happens after our clients get massive exposure on MedStartr.  Over 25 million dollars and 100+ partnerships, thousands of new customers and getting paid to do that while news stories get written.  It doesn’t happen to every project, but it is pretty common.

We are honored and humbled to be able to help our amazing clients get their idea out to market and help people live longer, better lives.  This is our only real metric of success in the end.  Thank you for helping make this happen and for letting us help.

But wait, there’s more!

Do you have an idea that will help prevent and treat Heart Disease and Stroke?  If so, apply today to win the AHA #Hi2Forum Challenge.  Deadline is fast approaching.  Do it now!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic year!

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