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GET PUMPED! AHA Chicago is running an Innovation Challenge

We helped the New York Chapter run a similar Challenge this Spring and the results were fantastic, especially for the startups.  Like this one, the prizes totaled $25,000 but the finalists raised twice that much in the Crowdfunding Contest.  Yes, that’s right, to win you need to also succeed in getting patients, doctors, and even hospital leaders involved in your idea.  Sounds impossible?  Not on MedStartr.  The winners of the first AHA Open Innovation challenge got over 28 Hospitals and Medical Centers to sign up for their new ideas, the support of over 700 doctors and patients, and even one of the largest insurance companies in the world calling for partnership discussions. See them here, amazing new ideas that are fixing healthcare as we speak.

And now we are doing it all over again, this time, Chicago Style.  So…

Do you have what it takes to take home the $20,000 First Prize?  Apply Here and Find out!

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