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COVID Heat 2

Tomorrow is Heat 2 of WAR ON COVID competition and it’s looking to become a stiff competition. Here are a couple of companies presenting.

Health Note is a platform that screens, collects, documents, & triages patient data before an encounter. They work with top hospitals and clinics around the country and are now using their platform to help front-line health care providers fight COVID-19

HealthMode Cough uses smartphones that most people already have in their pocket to accurately count coughs, one of the three main symptoms of COVID-19. From patient triage to population health surveillance and vaccine trials, the opportunities for HealthMode Cough to help during this pandemic are broad. 

Teicos Pharma produces nano-encapsulated inhalable dry powder  formulations to  deliver drugs to the deep lung. We wish to apply this  technology to deliver therapeutic salt to cheaply and effectively  treat the leading cause of death from COVID-19: Pneunomea.

Thera a real time virtual reality through customizable avatars, telehealth mobile app.

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