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Be My #CFF!

Welcome to CrowdFunder Friday!

Yup, so begins the weekend when most of us startup Guys and Gals get to doing what is really important – changing the world with our startup FULL TIME for two days without any pesky school or day job stuff bugging us.  

This week (the first CFF post ever) I wanted to highlight the Fun / Funny Crowdfunding video you could watch 100 times and still be amused.  The $1 Shave club is a classic and one of the best ever.  Be as cool as these guys and you too could be making jobs in America, no Vanderbilt perhaps, but every job counts.

Channel Mr $1 shave club when you make your video and your healthcare crowdfunding project will be off to the races!

For those that can’t laugh at the huge problems that we are trying to solve in healthcare, being serious can be done in an inspirational way too.  Probably the best example of a short video is the Girl Effect Video which our MedStartrs find inspirational.  We hope you do too.

Here are a few other awesome ones: or Seth Godin’s simple pitch.

Happy Videoing!

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