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10 Rules for Driving Innovation in Healthcare – Rule # 10 – Be in the right place

In preparation for our first full day event, MedStartr Momentum 2015 we are writing out our ten secrets to Healthcare Innovation Success. After helping hundreds of new ideas get to market faster, we have learned a few things about what works in driving innovation in our industry. We will release them one a day to make them more easily digestible. Enjoy!

Rule # 10: Be in the right place

Wayne Gretsky said that he wasn’t the fastest player or the best puck handler, but he always focused on where the puck was going to be, to be in the right place at the right time. Well for innovation to happen you can’t just stay in your lab or department, at your desk or in your office, you need to go where it is, where it crackles and sizzles with life and where you will find the right people and partners that will help spark the best ideas with you or can bring the distribution, awareness, capital, and skills to the table.

So where’s the puck?

From the very first H2NYC event I attended in 2009 where an engineer with a smart pill bottle idea met a marketer and a new company was formed to the AHA CrowdChallenge we ran that helped 9 new companies do 1.7 M in new business in 31 days this year, there is no better place to be than a health innovation event, community, or contest. Whether you are an innovation leader at a hospital or pharma company or a startup founder with a great idea, internet searches, spitballing with your team, and cold calling will only get you so far, you need to get out there!

Need a place to go now?

Find your local health innovation community, usually on, go to a national event, or even join us for MedStartr Momentum 2015 on Nov 30th at Microsoft’s facility in Times Square in New York City. Get stakeholder discount tickets, learn more, or apply to get up front here. Speakers include Regina Holliday (The Walking Gallery) and Susannah Fox (CTO at HHS) and over 22 more amazing folks. If you need help finding a local group ping us as we have relationships with such groups in 100 cities around the world.

Have a Momentous Day!

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