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Announcing- MedStartrDirect

MedStartr Direct connects buyers and sellers of Medical Supplies and Innovations. Utilizing our long-standing and new, highly-vetted relationships with Medical Suppliers, Innovators, Government Agencies, Institutions, Hospitals, Corporations, and the Crowd that cares about driving innovation in medicine faster, MedStartrDirect facilitates and validates sourcing and implementation quicker and more reliably.

Brought to you by the team that developedHealth 2.0 NYC, the first Healthcare Innovation Meetp group,, the leading Medical Innovation Crowdfunding Site, the MedStartr Venture Funds, and the MedMo World Tour Medical Innovation contests and events in 25 cities in the US, MedStartr Direct is staffed by passionate healthcare leaders and professionals.

To learn more please call us at 530.MED.STAR (530.633.7827) or email us at today.

Government Buyers. please call 530.633.7827, option 1, then 1 or email

Enterprise Buyers. please call 530.633.7827, option 1, then 2 or email

Suppliers, please call 530.633.7827, option 1, then 3 or email

Thank you for visiting today. We look forward to helping you connect and improve care!

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