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AMIA PitchIT Finals and Crowdvoting

We are running the AMIA 2018 PitchIT finals today and this year we included Crowd Voting via text messaging. To cast your vote click here or just text your favorite team to (812) 567 1919 with the corresponding favorite team listed below. You can see all the finalists projects today on MedStartr right here too!

Or you can vote here too:

Can’t see this? Click here

Watch the livestream Here too1

AMIA Pitch IT Competition We are seeking entrepreneurs that have new applications of medical or biomedical informatics at the point of care to improve workflow, decision support, and/or analytics. You will have the chance of a lifetime to present your unique opportunity to a panel of highly successful entrepreneurs and investors, along with an audience of industry leaders during AMIA 2018.Finalists will be determined by review of the AMIA community, the MedStartr Mentor network and the vast crowds that will come to the website site to review your project. Posted by Augment Your Mind on Monday, November 5, 2018

Thank you for all you do to support healthcare innovation!

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