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2012 Backer of The Year Award

Here is to Kim Whittemore, Strategic Genius, Patient Advocate, Leader, and our #1 Backer so far!  You ROCK!  Thank you Kim for supporting so many projects on MedStartr, more than any other person so far!

Kim has Backed the following projects:

Peer-to-Peer Global Support for Rare Disease by @FMDChat (Succeeded!)

The Walking Gallery by @ReginaHolliday  (Succeeded!)

EndoGoddess Diabetes App: Clinical Trial Fundraiser by @Endogoddess (Suceeded!)

Next Level Doctor Social Graph by @FredTrotter  (Suceeded!)

The “Breast Cancer Checklist” book by Fern Riess  (In Progress, please support!)

Saving 100 Lives With The Patient Pod by Pat Mastors  (Succeeded!)

Reconstruction Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors and Previvors by @BraggsOnline (Succeeded!)

Thank you Kim for your unfailing support, leadership, and for being one of our first MedStartr Mentors!

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