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No Slackers Among the Backers

You would not believe the incredible folks that back our projects.  It is a veritable Who’s Who in Healthcare Innovation and Patient Advocacy.  There are thousands of you now, but here is the list from

Regina Holliday’s Walking Gallery MedStartr Project where she raised $10,948 from 90 Amazing men and women.  We are honored and humbled by you.  Thank you for supporting our good friend and inspiration, Regina.

If takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a global innovation community to raise the level of healthcare innovation. 

We are proud and happy to enable this and give people a place to find and fund the change that they believe in.

Backers of the Walking Gallery on MedStartr

Abby Prestin, Afternoon Napper, Alan Greene, Alex Fair, Alexandra Drane, Alexandra Yperifanos,  Andre Blackman, Andrew J. Rosenthal, Andrew Spong Ann Becker-Schutte, Annette McKinnon, Benjamin Miller, Brian Ahier, Brian Carter, Bruce Ramshaw, Carolyn Der Vartanian, Carolyn Thomas, Chiara Bell, Clay Patterson, CMROpen, Colin Hung, Deirdre Bonnycastle, Devon Scanlon, Donna Scott, Elin Silveous, Emily Hackel, e-Patient Dave deBronkart, Fred Trotter, Gangadhar Sulkunte, Gregg Masters, Heather Leslie, Helen Hadley, Howard Luks MD, Ileana Balcu, Janice McCallum, Jerry Matczak, Jess Jacobs, John Moehrke, Joltdude, Jon Mertz, Jon Mertz (so nice he did it twice!) Julia Hallisy, Kavita Pate,l Keith W. Boone, Kim Whittemore, Kourtney Govro, Kristen Andrews, Linda Brady, Lisa Fields, Loring Day, Manny Hernandez, Marianne Vennitti, Marilyn Mann, Martine Ehrenclou, Mary Cattolico Camp Matthew Browning, Matthew Holt, Matthew Katz, Michelle Litchman, Mike Sevilla, Mindy Brown, Nick Dawson, Nicole Dettmar, P. F. Anderson, Pat Mastors,Patricia Salber, Peter Levin, Phoebe Browning, Phydian Systems,, Ronan Kavanagh, Roni Zeiger, Ross Martin, Ruth Ann Crystal, MD, S Turner Dean, Scott Strange, Sherry Reynolds, Steve Sisko, Sue Woods, Susan Eller, Symplur, LLC, Ted Eytan, Theresa Willett, and Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin

You Folks ROCK!  Thank You!


Alex, Mike, Komal, Theresa, Jigar, and Pooja

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