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Welcome to

Welcome to, our home away from home where you can learn all about healthcare crowdfunding, how it works, and how we are helping drive healthcare innovation faster and better than ever.  Thank you for visiting today.  We hope you find what you need but if not please always be welcome to call 530-MEDSTARtr!

What is MedStartr?

MedStartr is the first and leading healthcare specific crowdfunding site. Crowdfunding enables people to get behind and support what they care about.

Who Can Use MedStartr?

Pretty much anyone with an idea of how to improve healthcare.  Startups, Non-profits, Open Source projects, Doctors, Patients, and Medical institutions have been able to raise an average of over $9,000 each online and over $400,000 off in our first few months and it is getting better every week.  Just as important key partnerships have been developed through the platform for most of our projects.  Manufacturers, developers, distributors, and more have stepped up and adopted, accelerated, invested, and even acquired companies that have put their projects on MedStartr   It is a very exciting time to start a healthcare innovation project, especially when it is powered by crowdfunding.

You will also find all sorts of great info here too about:

Service Levels, How to Succeed in Healthcare Crowdfunding, Blog Posts by the team and our MedStartrs, About our People, and much much more.

Thank you for visiting.  We hope you subscribe and return often.

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