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The Winners of MedStartr Momentum 2016

We are very pleased to bring you the winners from the MedMo16 Mega Crowd Challenge, our first Equity Crowd Challenge and our 10th overall.  From an initial pool of 175 applicants, five were selected and three runners up were designated. Our Crowd Challenge selection process relies upon not only expert judges, but also a vast crowd of you, members of our community.  Over 1,100 of you engaged with the 45 projects that went live o

n MedStartr! Engagement on MedStartr means  liking, following, and sharing the projects, as well is offering to try for yourselves or a loved one, adopting the new idea for your patients, piloting it in your clinic or hospital, partnering with your company, or investing in the company.  We find that companies that engage patients, providers, partners, institutions, and investors create a wave of momentum that helps them succeed over 40 times more often than those that don’t.

A great example of the effect a crowd can have on a startup was displayed by a project by Daniel Rothman and Mette Dyhrberg for Mymee, a solution that helps people with complex incurable autoimmune disorders like Lupus.  Using the MedStartr platform the team raised interest from over 107 people who offered to try, pilot, partner, mentor, and invest in the idea.  This allowed them to raise over $115,000 in mere days.  See the figure at the left to see what we mean of visit the project and engage with it here!

Using the data from the crowd and the input from over 70 MedStartr mentors and judges, experts in the many areas of healthcare innovation, we are pleased to announce the Winners and Runners up.  Please visit their projects and support their ideas.

Runner Up: RxBandz – wearable emergency auto-injector bracelets

Runner Up: MediVis – Augmented Reality for diagnosis, medical education, surgery, and patient education

Runner Up: Simple23 – Genetic Data Exchange and test ordering made simple

Runner Up: Lazy – a quality measure reporting API

Medial Device  / Wearable Health Tech: Ceeable – a cloud based eye exam that replaces traditional high cost alternatives

Population Health, Payers 2.0 and Pharma Tech: EllieGrid – medication management optimized for patient convenience and affordability

Clinical Innovations: Haystack – Proteome molecular profiling for earlier diagnosis of cancer based on

Patients Choice Award: Aloha Health – Enabling patients as partners in their healthcare through analytics, connection, experience, & engagement.

Crowd Choice Award: Mymee – Simple tacking for complex problems – a solution that has been shown to effectively treat otherwise untreatable conditions such as Lupus with success in 72% of cases.

We were greatly impressed by all the teams competing to win our first Equity Crowd Challenge.  To watch the entire 2016 MedStartr Momentum Conference, please visit our Facebook page and watch it there or click the links below.

Stay tuned, the next one launches soon!

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