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Physicians DO Want Patients to Self Manage!

Matthew Curtis, patient and smoker says “When you smoke for several years, as I did, quitting is a fuzzy thing. You don’t just wake up one day and lay down the pack like a bad hand of cards. After a decade of smoking I’m trying to quit and I constantly crave nicotine. I even dream of cigarrettes now and then. As addiction is a multifaceted problem, I think the solution has to be the same. That’s why I backed the Medstartr campaign. This app appeals to me because of its level of comprehensiveness, paired with usability, this platform may be the stoutest contender in the fight against lifestyle disease”.

We recently launched a campaign on Medstartr to raise our first round of funds to develop, code and test the ios version of this concept. We are 3 weeks from having a beta version up and running for testing.

In the meantime, physicians and patients have responded to our campaign with excitement and extreme interest in using the Personal Medicine Plus mobile platform.

Dr. David Samuels was attracted to Personal Medicine Plus as both a patient and physcian,

“The idea of crowdfunding on Medstartr is exciting to me, I am a captive audience of course because I have type one diabetes and I want to have instant access to my data. Let’s look at what healthcare has become for a physician visit… I have to take off work, go for a long drive in my car to sit in a waiting room for a long time, to have my weight and blood pressure checked, which by the way is falsely elevated due to all of the waiting, I backed this Medstartr campaign because I want to have all of my data in one place, and I want remote monitoring to be EASY. In the same way that going to the bank and cashing a check has gone away, I want my healthcare to come to me. “

Check out our campaign here:

To your best health,


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