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MedStartr Showcases: Million Mothers and More

In October we ran our first Showcase.  It went well and we will be doing this periodically.  If you want to enable or sponsor a showcase, please contact us at 530.MEDSTARtr.

What is a MedStartr Showcase all about?

MedStartr Showcases highlight projects that interest broad audiences in a specific area.  Our first launched just a few weeks ago and is called “Saving a Million Mothers.” The MillionMothers Showcase highlights projects that improve maternal health and save lives.  With over 500,000 women dying every year in childbirth alone and cancer robbing us of millions more, this is the cause that launched many of our careers in healthcare and the showcase program itself.  So far the results are great and we are well on our way to the MillionMothers goal!  MillionMothers project received over $5,000 for a medical mission to the Dominican Republic and BraGGs Online raised over $10,000 for the first production run of their new bra for breast cancer survivors.  Four more projects that could save hundreds of thousands of mothers in the next two years have also done well and we know that we can help new ideas get the funding, adoption and awareness they need.

(Update 5 of the seven projects reached their goal and were successful!)

Showcasing projects helps all achieve the attention and adoption that they need to succeed.  Do you have a project that needs more people to be aware of it, perhaps some funding and some customers?  See if you fit into some of our Showcase ideas below.  You can start prepping now and even go live ahead of time.  Once we have a sponsor or critical mass, we will include your project. We are also rolling out a challenge platform in the coming year that will enable corporations and individuals to crowdsource such ideas for crowdfunding.  Pretty cool, right?

Some Showcase areas:

October – Saving a Million Mothers Aging Gracefully Diabetes The Big C Heart Disease

What do you mean by Aging Gracefully?

As the Boomers age they are not letting this be their Father’s aging paradigm.  They are shaking things up with the help of their kids and grandkids and creating new and innovative ways to handle the sometimes minor and annoying, and sometimes significant and deadly, consequences of aging.  We embrace and support this movement and would like to help.  The Aging Gracefully program is our answer to the challenge of helping these projects get found and funded faster for the goal.  A startup in healthcare is almost never easy and we are here to help.  If you have a will, we have the way!

Aging Gracefully projects are ideas or programs that help make life better or longer for our senior population.  The first example is Cook Safe by John Brohan, which helps seniors at home remember to do important tasks like turn off the stove and stay in touch with their families at the same time.  Other great projects like eCaring and an iPhone App that slows the onset of Alzheimer’s are in prep too, so we think it will be a pretty amazing month.

When we do projects like this we like to have a curator, in this case it will be our amazing mentor Geriatrician Dr. Wen Dombrowski of Aging 2.0 and Resonate Health. She and her cohorts at Aging 2.0 are doing quite amazing things with events, projects, and even a new tech showcase center.

In short, if you have a project that helps our Senior Citizens stay healthy, stay independent, and stay alive, then please join us and lets make a real difference together.

To Get Startd today just click here, call 530.633.7827, or email for more information.

About: MedStartr is a enabling a revolution in healthcare by helping companies get found and funded faster through it’s highly successful crowdfunding platform and popular events.  In the news almost every day for another of their amazing projects, the MedStartr platform has been written about in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Huff Po, MedCityNews, xconomy, Inc, and later this week, the NY Times.  To learn how we can help your company get there faster, please call (530) MED-STARtr (530.633.7827).  While MedStartr has mentors and team members all over the world, they are based in NYC.

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