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Healthcare Innovation Rule # 9: Do One Thing Well


In preparation for our first full day event, Momentum 2015 we are writing out our ten secrets to Healthcare Innovation Success.

To Summarize where we are so far:

Rule # 10: “Be in the right Place

Rule #9:  “Do One Thing Well”

After sitting in on 100’s of pitches in the past two years it constantly amazes me how much start-ups try to do. Like it is not hard enough to get one peice of digital health technology perfect. Everyone in healthcare whether a patient or provider or payor is beyond busy, if you try to make them take the time to figure it out or they aren’t sure in 10 seconds what they get out of it then, it won’t fly.

Google built the best search engine. Facebook built the best social posting engine Instagram built the best photo sharing app Uber built the best car request app

As Steve Jobs said “it’s not deciding what to do, it is deciding what not to do” In our world more is not necessarily better. So make the hard decisions and don’t keep adding to your product wish list. Don’t be influenced by friends and colleagues who suggest additional things to do. Stay focused and prioritize.

The best example in our experience is Sonny Vu who we put on stage in 2012 at Ruby Skye at an event we called Healthcare Revolution.  He brought his Misfit Shine prototype and showed that healthcare wearables could be beautiful.  Three years later almost to the day he sold that company for 260M to Fossil.  So stay focused and make products people love and you will go far.

Show off your best at MedStartr Momentum 2015 Join us for MedStartr Momentum 2015 and show us what you have done so well.  The application to pitch deadline is Monday the 23rd, so don’t delay. Get your early bird discount tickets, learn more, or apply to get up front here.

Speakers include Regina Holliday (The Walking Gallery), Susannah Fox (CTO at HHS), Peter Frishauf (founded Medscape), Unity Stoakes (StartupHealth, Dawn Bell from Novartis, and over 15 more amazing partners, investors, stakeholders.

See you there!

Anthony and Alex

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