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Welcome to MedTalkr

Hello and welcome to MedTalkr, the crowdsourced blog of the MedStartr community of healthcare innovators, patients, physicians, and partners.  In this forum we all will discuss the ideas that get us excited, the ideas that we think can drive real and important change for patient care.  Thank you for visiting today.  If you have a submission or a comment, please use the “I’m a MedTalkr” button and submit your thoughts.

Are you a MedStartr?

MedStartrs are people who choose to start a project that helps move healthcare forward in any way.  Whether you have an iPhone app idea that reminds people take their medicine or have started an ACO with 1,000 doctors, you already are a MedStartr and we applaud your efforts.  We also want to celebrate your successes and give you a place to talk about your challenges.  This is that place. 

What is is the sister site of MedTalkr.  It is a crowd funding platform just for healthcare innovation.  We are curating our first dozen projects, so if you have something you want to build or a product ready to go to the public, let’s get it posted on MedStartr now (click here).  Operators (well, mostly me and my co-founders) are standing by!

Get Startd Today!

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