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Nothing Beats a Great Project with Legs!

Most of us in healthcare remembers the “Nothing Beats a Great Pair of L’eggs” ad campaign from our youth.  I was reminded of the line while I was speaking on a Panel the other day on healthcare crowdfunding at the

One Med Forum.  The Audience was a group of investors and I asked the crowd: “Would a successful project on MedStartr make you more likely or less likely to invest in a company?”  I was pleased to see 20 hands went up for “More” and only one went up for “Less.”  So if your project has legs, it will be very attractive to investors.

I was not that surprised, having often picked stocks by who has great products and watching or surveying other shoppers, much like Peter Lynch talks about with regards to his wife’s pointing out the L’eggs(TM) brand of stockings in the 70s.  As a long time health IT / bioscience pro, knowing what my cohorts and I loved as products first has helped me get in early on many deals.  This is particularly important in healthcare and tech investing.  The game is changing though and earlier is better IF you can mitigate risk.  MedStartr is a great tool for that.

Crowdfunding changes the game because you can follow how the crowd is voting with their name, adoption, and wallets.  It is the supermarket where doctors and patients shop for innovation and the behavior of this crowd is telling.  Watch the crowd and see where to invest!  And there is no better place to show off your legs than in crowdfunding – see previous post on our pageviews.  We are getting many calls ourselves, as are our successful MedStartrs, from all over the world and the VCs right next door.

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