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MedStartr Newest Portfolio Company and teammate

We also would like to welcome our newest MedStartr Ventures Investment and Investor. 

Our ninth portfolio company and 12th investment was in YourCoach.Health led by Marina Borukhovich and her husband Eugene. Now that health coaches are needed now more than ever, their platform that helps health coaches of all varieties serve their clients better is free for Coaches!  They also have corporate and network plans that help companies keep their teams well and strong.  Learn more or connect to the team at  We look forward to helping YCH transform the coaching industry! 

MedStartr Mentor and Community member for over a decade, Paulo Machado has joined the MedStartr Investment Review Committee and invested in MedStartr Venture Fund II.  He brings deep expertise in healthcare innovation, pharma, and business development for startups.  We are please by both his confidence in the MedStartr model, which has been very successful so far by trusting in the wisdom of our Crowd to help pick companies to invest in, as well as adding his healthcare expertise to our review process.  He also serves as a MVP - a MedStartr Venture Partner that regularly meets with our portfolio companies to help strategize and optimize their growth.  Thank you Paulo for your confidence in us and all your help over the years!

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