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Cinderblocks 2022

A Patient Led Medical Conference

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Regina Holliday

Regina Holliday is a patient rights activist and artist. After spending 16 years working in retail management and six years teaching art, Regina began painting a series of murals depicting the need for clarity and transparency in medical records. This advocacy mission was inspired by her husband Frederick Allen Holliday II and his struggle to get appropriate care during eleven weeks of continuous hospitalization at five facilities. 

Cinderblocks 2022

The most important stakeholder when it comes to healthcare innovation is the PATIENT! If patients come forward and say YES! we want to use this product than the solution is dead in the water. Thats why it's important to use to bring the patient's voice to every event we run or go to! After 2 year hiatus due to  COVID the only patient led medical conference is back, Cinderblocks 2022!  

The Cinderblock and the walking gallery have a special place in our heart since they got their start by fundraising on MedStartr back in 2013!(check out their original video). If you have been to any healthcare conferences in the last 5 years I'm sure you have seen people walking around with pictures on the back of their jackets. Well all those jackets were made by one super patient activist Regina Holiday.

Why Pitch?
As you may know, Medable, Misfit, DocGraph, Twiage, CareandWear, UniteUs and so many more big names in healthcare debuted in MedStartr pitch contests on big stages in Vegas, DC, Chicago, and 27 other cities. We do this to help the startups that pitch get out to market faster by exposing thousands to millions of people to the new ideas.  As a startup founder, you have 10,000 things to do so we understand that driving awareness often falls off the table.  In addition to the live and online audience of thousands, tweets, podcasts, broadcasts, and social media shares about your innovation could go out to millions of people in healthcare.  This is due to our partnerships with podcasts like OutOfPatients with over a million monthly listens, support from healthcare innovation and patient activists from #HCLDR, #pinksocks, ##The WalkingGallery and more, and now HLTH that drive hundreds of millions of impressions and engagements for healthcare startups. There's are reason that teams that get on MedStartr stages and win are 40 times more likely to be successful.  Apply and find out why!

What Do You Win?
1. Inclusion in our award-winning MedStartr Accelerator that on average has helped companies grow by over 2x per year in valuation
2. Up to 100K in funding
3. Inclusion in our MedStartr Partner program with benefits of up to 400K designed just for startups
4. Announcement to the entire conference just prior to closing (3-5K Healthcare Leaders) and a big fake check on stage just before the 
Plus all the above-mentioned exposure, partnership opportunities, and customer engagements.

Fine Print: Items 1-3 subject to due diligence review and offer acceptance

What type of Startups should apply?
We are interested in all areas of healthcare innovation.  Companies with valuations over 15M already probably are not a great fit just now, so keep that in mind.  If you have first sales or a pilot, that is ideal.  We will help you ramp up fast!

Is there a Cost?
We do not cover conference attendance, travel or accommodations, but there are startup deals for tickets and a discount code below and you could come just for the pitch for free, but we don't recommend that.  There is never any payment to MedStartr to pitch at our events.

We want to fill all the slots this week so don't delay, apply today!

Want to Pitch to Healthcare's Largest Stakeholder? 

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