Join us at Vive March 6-9th! 


The MedStartr Momentum World Tour is ON

We have run Innovation Challenges and Pitch Contests in 31 cities around the US for our global community of healthcare innovation enthusiasts since 2009 including some of the biggest stages in healthcare at conferences like the new ViVe event by HLTH.  This tradition continues in 2022 where we are proud to partner with ViVE to run our latest in the series! 

This is the perfect partnership for us. ViVE is bringing together the biggest names in healthcare such as David Feinberg, M.D CEO of Cerner, Margaret-Mary Wilson, Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth Group, and so many more! So that leaves us with bringing our crowd of Healthcare Innovation Enthusiasts. After running this community for 13 years we have meet the greatest minds, innovating healthcare. We want to continue supporting our members by teaming up with organizations like HLTH & CHIME so you can hear the latest news in the industry and meet the decision makers. We have an exclusive discount code of $150 off the ticket.


Discount Code- vive22_medstartr150

What is Vive? 

Developed by healthcare transformation leaders HLTH and CHIME, ViVE is an annual event
intentionally designed for progressive digital health leaders innovating across the spectrum
of healthcare. ViVE offers an immersive environment for gaining insight into and networking
with digital health’s disruptors and influencers. With its emphasis on community, creativity,
productivity, flexibility, and new ideas, ViVE is where the digital health community will come
together to impact the transformation of healthcare.

Want to get in front of 1,000s of leaders from the largest players in healthcare? 

Our Partnership with ViVE also includes hosting one of our famous pitch contests. Over the past two years we have hosted over 50 virtual contest and 2 smaller in-person contest,  so it great to finally return to form and have an event with thousands of people in the audience. 

In our pitch contest we see startups not only get funded but also find the right customer, partners and advisories. With the quality of people going to ViVE this is a great chance to gather momentum for your company! 




Sponsors Welcome Too!

Our best contests have been sponsored by the AHA, AMA, Takeda, Oschner, HHS, HP, Pfizer, Aetna and 150 other large organizations.  They love them because they get access to all the applications and some of the best new ideas in healthcare, starting plots, partnerships and investing in the best of the best validated by our massive crowd that is our global healthcare innovation enthusiast community of over 135,000 people like you.  Just tell us what you seek how you want to work with the best startups, and we will help you do just that.  It is also a great way to support the community and drive innovation further faster.  Sponsor logos also get included in all our media blasts, included on screen and on stage during the contest and much more! 

Call us at 530.MED.STAR (530.633.7827) anytime or email us here.

Meet us at Vive

                                    Alex Fair 

                    Managing Partner 

                          Patrick Hurd

Venture Partner