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Heat 3 of War On COVID-19 Winners

As we wrapped up Heat 3 of the War on COVID we saw some of the stiffest competition to date. Hopefully, by the end of our competition, COVID will be under control but right now there is still a need for companies that can help contain the virus. Heat 4 will be the last one before the championship.    

Register to watch the event here:

Heat 3’s Winners

1. Face2Face Health– is a revolutionary digital platform that provides parents with a single integrated, end-to-end resource to help optimize healthcare for their kids. Users are provided with individualized experiences that deliver vetted education, care, and support across five pillars of health: General Health, Emotional Health, Development, Mind/Body/Nutrition, and Education/Advocacy.

2.Admetsys- has developed a first-of-its-kind artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care, leveraging adaptive learning algorithms and counterbalancing treatment of insulin and glucose.

Crowd Favorites Tamarin health– Tamarin’s tools and care management network allow Caregivers to provide scalable, collaborative remote care for their patients, preventing adverse outcomes and keeping patients at home. Montfort Brain Monitor-Montfort’s EncephaLog is the only smartphone-based, FDA-cleared, inclusive neurological monitor. The app uses the smartphone internal sensors (accelerometer, touchscreen etc.) to conduct standard, medically-approved neurological tests.

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